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How to Accept Your Offer

Congratulations! You have received a conditional letter of offer from UMass Boston GSSP.

Follow these few simple steps to accept your offer:



Step 1

Complete Conditions

Complete the conditions on your letter of offer. If you don’t understand one of the conditions, please email

Step 2

Email Visa Documents

Email all required visa documents to UMass Boston GSSP. These documents include:

For undergraduate students:

  • Certified copies of secondary school/high school transcripts. Must include all years and include English translations.*
  • Certified copy of graduation certificate/diploma
  • Financial Declaration Form (financial ability must be demonstrated by completion of the Declaration and Certification of Finances Form)
  • Bank statements or letters from the bank showing sufficient funds in U.S. dollars to cover the expenses of studies of one (1) year. These must have a minimum balance of $58,038.00 and be no older than 6 months.
  • Copy of IELTS/TOEFL**/Pearson Versant results
  • Copy of your passport***

Email to:

Step 3

Pay Fees

Pay your fees as per your letter of offer. You can pay through  UMass Boston GSSP’s Payment Portal, powered by our official payment partner, Flywire.

That’s it! Once you’ve accepted your offer, we will send you a confirmation notification and start processing your I-20.

*Stamped by agency or notary public.
**Send TOEFL results via using UMass Boston code 3924.
***Students transferring from local U.S. schools must provide a copy of their current I-20 and visa page from the passport.

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